An AdTech that connects brands to Influencers

Inflr is a pioneer in new delivery formats and negotiation models for performance and awareness in the influencer Marketing business.


Banco Pan Brazil


Banco BMG


Banco 99

Analytics reports

By influencers using the best MMPS platforms

CPA and CPM model of negotiation different to CPP market standard
Remarketing with Influencers
Reports In real time
Posts reach until 100% of social media followers
Post duration from 24h to 30 days

Cross Media Inflr + AdGrowth


When an user from an AdGrowth campaign interact with your Ad, but they didn't complete the acquisition it allows to show on their social networks a content created by INFLR campaign.It will remember someone to complete the acquisition.


Users who interacts with ads on their Social Networks from an INFLR campaign, but they didn't complete the acquisition it will allows to show AdGrowth Ads when they visit other websites.It will to potencialize in many ways to engage your customers.

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